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Wedding on Lake Como: Jade and James and three small dogs

As a photographer of Lake Como (and not only ..), Daniela Tanzi lake Como Wedding Photographer it is always a pleasure to introduce new married couples. This wedding was celebrated in Villa del Balbianello Lake Como Italy, a world-famous location. Lake Como and its hills have been the background for these important and romantic moments. Exceptional guests were the three small dogs of the couple always present during all the moments of this beautiful wedding on Lake Como. This is the wedding of: Wedding on Lake Como: Jade and James and three small dogs.

Villa del Balbianello will leave you breathless, thanks to its beautiful terraced gardens and picturesque structure.

Located on the tip of the promontory of Lavedo, in Lenno (a hamlet of Tremezzina), the villa offers breathtaking views of Isola Comacina and the western shore of Lake Como

The villa is now a venue for private events such as weddings, ceremonies and even film or photographic sets (this is where scenes from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Casino Royale were filmed).

Romantic day for: Wedding on Lake Como: Jade and James and three small dogs

It is therefore not possible to sleep in the villa, but if you are looking for accommodation nearby… check out the best places to sleep near the villa!

The whole complex consists of two residential buildings, a church, and a portico (known as Loggia Durini) that can host weddings and events in a truly unique setting.

But the most-special feature of Villa Balbianello is the vast garden that surrounds the dwellings, with magnificent holm oaks pruned into an umbrella shape so as to offer a splendid view of Lake Como from inside the villa.

The villa’s interior, accessible only by guided tour, houses some English and French furnishings which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries and are a valuable legacy of the complex’s former owners (read the history of Villa Balbianello if you want to learn more).

Magical moments for: Wedding on Lake Como: Jade and James and three small dogs

The villa also houses numerous paintings on glass and a rich collection of sculptures and ethnic artifacts.

Many of these works are a legacy of Guido Monzino, former owner of the villa and leader of the first Italian expedition to Mount Everest.

Photos wedding by Daniela Tanzi Lake Como Wedding photographer for: Wedding on Lake Como: Jade and James and three small dogs

Villa del Balbianello has been used as the setting for several movies. Here is where to spot the most famous ones.

Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones

The kissing scene between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala, probably the most famous scene filmed at Villa Balbianello, takes place in the garden that can be reached from the pathway that starts to the left of the Loggia Durini.

James Bond at Villa Balbianello

A Month by the Lake

Casino Royale

007 has also been a guest at Villa Balbianello. Very famous is the Casino Royal’s scene in which James Bond rests with Vesper Lynd, played by actress Eva Green, whom he kisses right under the Loggia Durini.

A Month by the Lake

The Loggia Durini hosted also some scenes from A Month at the Lake, a 1995 romantic film that also stars Uma Thurman in the cast.

The unique location of Villa Balbianello allows visitors to get there only by foot (by taking an easy 1 km uphill path from Via degli Artigiani) or by a taxiboat that leaves from the Lenno beach. Thanks for to see my services photo for: Wedding on Lake Como: Jade and James and three small dogs

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