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Heather & Andrew: elegant wedding on Lake Como

Daniela Tanzi, as a wedding photographer, today I want to present you a beautiful and romantic wedding on Lake Como in the beautiful venue Villa Regina Teodolinda, a charming place on the shores of Lake Como where Heather and Andrew celebrated their intimate wedding.

Romantic Wedding for Heather & Andrew: elegant wedding on Lake Como

The bride wore a long tight white dress with sequins and her hair was gathered in an elegant hairstyle. It was an elegant and refined wedding on Lake Como. The wedding photo shoot took place entirely in the beautiful Villa Regina Teodolinda.

Info on Villa Regina Teodolinda, wedding: Heather & Andrew: elegant wedding on Lake Como

At the Villa, beauty is the rule, as told by the story of the Italy’s Queen Teodolinda, who lived here from 589 to 616. She was a charming and clever lady, a great patron, so much loved by her people that she became beatified Saint Queen Tedolinda. It’s a story become legend: somebody tells that during spring nights the old oleanders’smell fill up the villa’s rooms that once upon a time was a castle.

Heather & Andrew: elegant wedding on Lake Como, magical moments

Suites are much more than the typical luxurious hotel rooms.

At Villa Regina Teodolinda a palette of elegant colours characterizes the bright and airy rooms, giving this wonderful place a charming and sophisticated decor and a relaxing atmosphere as the wedding of Heather & Andrew: elegant wedding on Lake Como

As you move from one window to the next, your eyes will follow the stoneline of Lake Como and its glistening water before coming to rest on the garden courtyard of the Villa with its colourful geraniums and two olea fragrans that have been romantically decorated with hundreds of twinkling lights.

Villa Regina Teodolinda: we offer many services to fulfill the needs of our customers. Car rent, boats and motorboats and much more.


Heather & Andrew: elegant wedding on Lake Como

Some say it is the house that George Clooney couldn’t get. Hardly surprising, considering Villa Regina Teodolinda is situated in the enchanted lakeside position in the famous village of Laglio, on Lake Como, a location often frequented by movie stars.

The lakeside access of this stunning Villa allows the travelling to and from the property by water, which makes it the unique, romantic and ideal place for a wedding celebration, birthday party or business event. Daniela Tanzi lake Como wedding photographer

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